What is a fuck buddy?

So you want to know “What is a fuck buddy?” A fuck buddy is someone who is your friend that you can also fuck. You have probably heard of friends with benefits, or a friend who likes to have casual sex. Well that is what a fuck buddy is. It can be someone you like or someone you simply just want to fuck. It can be whatever or whoever you want it to be because a fuck buddy is only limited by your imagination. If you sign up here, you will get to find out just exactly what is a fuck buddy. There are chat rooms for people who want to explore the idea of having a fuck buddy and all that it entails. Wouldn’t it be awesome for a guy to meet a girl he can go watch the game with, drink a beer, and then fuck without any strings? If you are a single guy, that is what you can find when you hook up with a true fuck buddy. An amazing sex life is what you will gain out of this and when you are craving sex, you won’t have to worry about jacking off and dreaming. No more wet dreams without the real result! It’s all about meeting up and having real life sex with someone who you can hang out with too. That is the best of the best when it comes to casual dating where sex is the happy ending.


That is like a dream date for a guy! No worries about whiny chicks who want commitments when you find a fuck buddy. The babes who want to fuck are usually babes who are busy with work or college and have no time for commitments. However, these people have sexual needs and that means you have to get off together! If that doesn’t sound hot, you’re crazy! Fuck buddy pleasure is some of the best because you get all of the benefits and none of the worries. Commitments and relationships can be huge headaches for those of us with busy lives or lots of things going on. This totally eliminates all of those headaches and gives you a reason to get it on with a true fuck buddy. A fuck buddy means you get pleasure and passion as much or as little as you want. It makes it truly hot for you and fun for them as well. Everyone wins in this situation. So if you wanted to know “What is a fuck buddy”?, then now you know. It’s someone you can hang out with and fuck at the end of the night without guilt or worry. Now you must know how hot that sounds!

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