Separating Myth From Fact Regarding Milfs Looking for Sex

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Milfs looking for sex is actually one of the oldest stereotypes of Hollywood movies. They portray milfs as sex crazy women that are just down for dick. I believe this all can be traced to the late 1960’s movie, The Graduate, with Dustin Hoffman. There was this hot actress, Anne Bancroft, I mean, damn she was hot, who was a married woman who banged the college student played by Dustin Hoffman.

This is where the whole milf fantasy started. Guys, ever since then, were looking for milfs looking for sex. There’s something kinky about banging your friend’s mom, especially if your friend is the same age as you. But unfortunately, a lot of that excitement and intensity are actually fueled by myths.

If you want to truly be successful with milfs looking for sex, you need to kiss those myths goodbye. The first myth that you would need to get rid of is that these women are desperate. They’re not. These women have a lot of money. In many cases, a lot of them are divorced so they’re getting a lot of their ex husband’s money, so they couldn’t care less about material needs. They know what they want and they know how to get it. They’re not desperate, they’re just focused. Don’t confuse the two.

The second myth is that they would jump on your cock just because you’re a younger guy or you’re somewhat decent looking. Again, this is a fucking myth because they actually can wait. You see, women are like sexual camels. They can have sex and then go on without sex for several months. Men cannot live without sex for a prolonged period of time. Most men would go crazy. That’s just the way we’re biologically wired.

So if you think that milfs are desperate enough for your cock just because you’re younger or somewhat decent looking, get over yourself. Seriously. That is one dangerous myth that is going to fuck up your game with milfs looking for sex again and again and again. Unless you’re able to get these two dangerous myths out of your mind, you’re going to flop with hot milf women. Not even quality milf sites that are set up to make you succeed won’t be able to help you, like this one.

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